Being beekeepers in a grape growing mono-culture, it is doubly important that do what we can to make sure that bees have the resources to succeed.

Our goal is to educate the general public in the value of bees and to teach by association the value of beekeeping as a hobby, and its important role in agriculture and general health of the planet.

We encourage beekeeper enthusiasts to participate in group discussions, do presentations and mentor new beekeepers to promote responsible practices that will aid us in developing and maintaining a healthy local genetic stock.       


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2018 Swarm Stats to date

First Swarm of the Year 01.01.18

 *** St – Helena, Ca Jorge Garibay ***

2018 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls –  1            Swarm Captures –   1      Extractions – 1

2017 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 49             Swarm Captures – 43        Extractions – 13