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Please contact the club member directly.

Wine Barrel Racks, they make great hive stands and are earthquake stable when the hive bodies are strapped to them. – contact Rob at

Barter –  Hand Crank two frame extractor – willing to lend in exchange of honey and filtered wax. – contact

UC Davis Honey Flavor Wheel – Great for Honey Tastings – $ 10.00 each                                  contact –


Robbing Screens – 10 Frame Langstroth Hives – $ 12.00 ea.George Altobell,

 If you would like to place a Classified ad,  Just send us the item and how you would like to be remunerated. Items will remain on the site for two weeks before being removed unless we hear from you to continue the listing. We reserve the right to refuse any product that is not suitable for listing.