We all have questions. You should take it upon yourself to research a problem first. The internet is a wonderful resource in reason. Most questions can be answered by visiting our yahoo group at http//pets.groups/beekeepersofnapavalley/

The BEST form of information is attending club activities. There is no better experience than seeing other peoples hives and the way they work them. You can learn how to spot the queen quickly, what looks right and what looks wrong.

We highly recommend that you attend a couple hive dives before you take up beekeeping. Even if you been beekeeping for years it aways is a learning experience for you and the host.

Club activities will answer hundreds of questions, teach you the bee speak and make you feel more comfortable in the group environment. Most beekeepers will tell you they learn something everyday. After all bees have nearly 400 million years head start over humans.

But if your at a crossroads and need the advice of experienced beekeepers. Choose a member from the list below and ask them a question.

Please remember this is a members list and we all have jobs, and families, and bees. So it may take a day or two to get a response. Take your time to formulate your question and keep it as simple as possible. Most mentor’s work via email, some will ask you to call them to clarify a question, and if need be they may do a hive inspection with other members of the society to get to the root of the problem.

Napa Beekeepers

  • George Altobell,
  • Adrian Ogden –
  • Jon Sevigny –
  • John Humphrey,
  • Jorge Garibay,
  • Mark Hohmann – ihohmann51@gmail.comDisclaimer:
The Napa Valley Beekeepers or this site, does not endorse any particular beekeeper. Beekeepers all have there way of doing things. You should always weigh the advice given and talk to as many keepers as possible to get what you think sounds right.