Classes & Special Events


Spring Beekeeping for Beginners

This course is perfect for those who have little or no beekeeping experience who seek more knowledge and practical hands-on skills in order begin owning and caring for their own honeybee colonies. Designed primarily for those wishing to explore beekeeping, gain understanding about honeybee behavior, and learn options available for the management of honeybee colonies, this two hour class is also an excellent opportunity for people with prior beekeeping experience to refresh and hone their beekeeping skills while gaining knowledge of the latest information on beekeeping options.

Led by Jon Sevigny, longtime beekeeper, beekeeping mentor, and lead for the Napa Valley Beekeepers’ Association, this engaging mix of hands-on activities and lecture includes essential beekeeping topics and how-to skills: the importance of bees, honeybee biology basics, beekeeping equipment (what you need, where to get it, how to use it), starting your first hive, maintaining a healthy hive, installing a package/nuc, opening, inspecting, understanding, and identifying your colony and its casts, reading frames, and how to connect with beekeeping resources and the local beekeeping community.

A hive tool are included in the class fee. Long pants and longsleeved shirt are required (stings are possible, no red or black). Hooded veils will be provided.

Preregistration Required

Apr 21
Sat, 1pm-4pm
UVC Gardens (outside)
Jon Sevigny


BOCA Summer Series

June – August

Beekeepers of Napa Valley join other keepers at BOCA CSA Farm. We meet and have a potluck dinner in the Apiary. Subjects are seasonal and you never know what you will see. Come share you knowledge or make a presentation! Open to all keepers including Sonoma County Beekeepers Association.

6 – 8 p.m.

Free to attend.